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Shout Outs

John Demetry’s writing has been a constant source of inspiration in a period when most pop culture criticism has ceased to show any sign of real cultural engagement. His reviews are not just reviews but note-taking examples of intense, genuine looking and listening, proof of his intellectual capability and honest effort—essays worthy of the word. 

Now that the mainstream media has given up on knowledgeable criticism, the internet has opened up a vomit stream of opinion and lowered the level of cultural discourse, but Demetry’s learning, acuity and the scope of his interests—guided by taste, not hype—remind me that thinking and feeling are not over; that pop culture discourse may have a future.

Small revolutions and great revelations—that is what you can expect when reading any of John Demetry’s pieces on our pop culture. In the years between 2001 and 2007, the world as we knew it changed radically. It got darker and darker. At the same time, pop culture lost more and more of its spiritual and political significance as it fell prey to an ever-growing hype machine. But there were a few voices like Demetry’s that resisted, that spoke truth to power and shone a light on a different path. Now it is our turn to explore it and find new hope.

I found John Demetry’s intellectual work on the net. It was quite a discovery! Here was a man whose film knowledge and critical approach matched my own thoughts, feelings and needs. I continued to follow his work and later wrote him when he stopped contributing to a certain website. It was better: his own blog Revolution to Revelation is a compendium of his vast knowledge, his admiration of films (my major link to him) and music. At these times, when film criticism has become a joke and cinephiles are scarce, Demetry is a drink of fresh water. Excitement. Hope.

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