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walter pidgeon & roddy mcdowall - how green was my valley 1941

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In the four years of CityArts under the editorship of Armond White, JOHN DEMETRY developed a new approach to film and arts criticism. He applies the process of LECTIO DIVINA to the critical form—an art in its own right! First, DEMETRY considers the subject’s cultural relevance. Then, he analyzes the artwork’s thematically-integrated or ideologically-loaded style. Finally, he explores the way the artist addresses or exploits the audience’s spiritual needs. Essentially, this methodology intends to illuminate what a given piece of Pop or “fine art” reveals about man’s relationship to Jesus Christ. Thus DEMETRY levels the pop-art/high-art binary and draws inspiration for the title of this compendium: WATCH THE THRONE // Reviews range from: Film, Music, Television, New Media, Contemporary Literature, Gallery Retrospectives & Showcases, Art Installations, Film Revival, and Broadway. // FEATURING: INTRODUCTION BY GREGORY SOLMAN // Typeset & Cover Design by Jacob Hernandez


Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.”—Matthew 10:16 The flexibility of music library playlists inspired the categorizations in this collection of essays by JOHN DEMETRY. The chapters range in approach: from discovering thematic continuity in early 21st Century pop movies and art cinema (PopArt) to making cultural commentary through post-9/11 assessments of Fleetwood Mac (Heroes Are Hard to Find). The beguiling format counters current criticism’s nihilism and the corresponding fashionable pose of snark. SERPENTS AND DOVES testifies to meaning in our shared popular culture. Features Chapter Introductions by: Ben Kessler, Melinda Selmys, Binx Bolling, Armond White, Sascha Westphal, Shalin Vora, and Michele J // Book Design/Typeset by: Jacob Hernandez


In this selection of critical writings, JOHN DEMETRY offers an introspective of the post-9/11 era up to the beginning of the 2007 Presidential Primary campaign cycle. THE COMMUNITY OF DESIRE traces an awakening awareness of a divided culture–and of pop’s healing potential. The best pop art addresses the shared spiritual need that the divisive culture exploits. Some of the works reviewed in this highly personal collection connected with the mass audience. Most did not. Still, DEMETRY encourages readers to join him in keeping up with pop’s philosophical innovations and artistic advancements. /// COVER ART (PASTEL 3) by Joshua Demetry /// FOREWORD by Ben Kessler

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